Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WHEEEEE - Raspberry Pi Is totally fun

I started out in personal computing with a soldering iron in my hand - then along came the radio shack model 1 - it was enthralled... All that computing power on my desk.

Now i run into a Raspberry pi and it is a little dynamo - I have it right now installing mysql .  I have installed apache, and have had it updating Xively with the %busy variables for a day or two now.  Even have a Arduino mini sending some data over.  Whew - lots of Goggling and lots of cut and paste.

It is exciting to see the Pi really busy - it is more fun trying to keep the little green bar in the bottom right corner pegged at 100%.

Been playing with the Arduino for a year or two now - fun, but a lot of wires and a lot of scratching my head figuring out how to stuff all that code into it...

Goal is to
1) Document all this
2) Get something connected to the Arduino (temp and/or humidity and/or Barometer)  Sending it all up to Xively and saving it locally.
3) Build some kind of page to display it on a local browser  & smartphone

In the very near future hook up some nrf24l01s to some Arduinos and put out in the Yard , basement all over the house...  You get the idea.

Currently doing the things mentioned here. and here

Since it is much more fun doing all this, than documenting it - stay tuned - film at 11:00