Tuesday, April 2, 2013

And this weeks winner for cloud storage is...

I work behind a corporate firewall.  It is amazingly good at filtering out cloud storage solutions functionality. Like I mean they do not work at all.

I was using my fave DropBox for a long time - but a recent "upgrade" to the firewall broke that.

Google drive has always worked. Unfortunately it doesn't give me the organization (folders) I need to keep things straight.

When Cubby came out I liked it instantly, since it allowed you to set any folder in the filesystem as a cubby.  So I could make the project folder for Visual Studio a cubby as well as the Eclipse workspace.  Both rather inconveniently buried in the obscure paths in the filesystem.

I originally used the cloud storage solutions to store my arduino code.  I stored the Arduino program and all the code/libraries on DropBox. So whatever computer I was using had a recent copy.  It just took a tweak to change the default place Arduino wanted to store the .PDE and .INO files.

The problem was cubby didn't pierce the firewall at first. That is until I found out yesterday that it allowed creating network shares using WEBDAV.

There are other things I like about Cubby. like computer to computer direct transfer. Plus you can set it up so it doesn't always sync a particular folder(cubby) so you can get the files only if you want to, but not saddled with them appearing on all computers.

I just wish Cubby allowed multiple file up/downloads through its web interface.

I haven't figured out if I am going to have to find a sync program to copy the local folders into this new share - or set up Cubby somehow to run from/point to the webdav share - which by the way shows up as a new drive.  Stay tuned - film at 11:00

If you want to try cubby - use this link - I get a gig more storage if you do . Thank you