Sunday, October 5, 2008

Stepper motors and my arduino has some simple unipolar stepper motor code.  I hooked up some steppers that I got on Ebay and voila it works! 

The motor is driven from a 9 volt supply through a 12v automobile dome light lamp as a load.  The motors were dirt cheap - and with the 9v drive they are rather hard to stall with your fingers.  Now i am only 1/3 the way to a CNC setup.

I have to play with full drive and half stepping a little - just because i can - to better understand the motors.

My goal is to build a cheap CNC like this.

Count to a million

Now that I have the Lady Ada's WAV shield - I thought it would be cute to have it count - problem was in English we have the little problem with 12 through 19 - I found this code on the web - and will be converting it to Arduinoish