Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Interesting Nova - The Spy Factory

After I watched a few episodes of Glee on Hulu - I wandered over to the Nova programs.  I found one that the last segment was about data mining and the NSA.  The things they were talking about, as next to impossible, rocket science type of stuff, we are exposed to every day via Google.

Add Words filter a message, or search results, as to content and puts a Ad for you to possibly click on.  The concept of transcribing a voice message is run of the mill on Google voice. To think Google is having to do it with scads of off the shelf hardware . NSA has a basement full of Cray Super computers.  Think they have a little more capability?  The Nova program has quite a few of shots of Cray Cabinets lined up in the NSA.  Kind neat in a techy way.  

I think that everyone has the capability to listen to anyone, but we are all hiding in plain sight.  Just don't attract attention to yourself with phrases like "blowing up the Whitehouse" or a phrase like "biological attack"
(Hi Adam, Say hi to Josh from me next time you see him...).

Check it out - http://video.pbs.org/video/1051968443/