Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Favorite Software

===== note to self - put in links ==== in the mean time use google

Windows XP - for my main desktop - still my favorite
Ubuntu Desktop - in a bunch of vmware virtual machines
Vmware - lets me test lots of stuff
Drop Box - dead easy way to transfer stuff around among machines and vms
Search Everything - Lets me find things in a multi terabyte storage space
keypass - In my dropbox so i can keep track of logins
ccleaner - helps keep detritus from laying around -
notepad++ - general text and source editing
synergy - shares one keyboard and mouse across many machines
google chrome - almost my favorite web browser
Firefox / Thunderbird - favorite web and mail clients
portable apps - lots of little things that don't need to be installed - just the thing for a thumbdrive - or a new vm
Winamp - listen to music - shoutcast radio mostly
VideoLAN - Will play just about everything and what it can't I use Mediaplayer clasic
truecrypt - for all my portable drives - just in case they get lost
nomp - to get the stuff from newsgroups
quickpar- to make sure I got it from the newsgroups
winrar - to unpack stuff from the newsgroups
eraser - to get rid of stuff from the newsgroups