Saturday, May 30, 2009

Google Maps in C#

I like to scrounge around at yard sales and pick up little bits of tech for pennies on a dollar. Given a large number of yard sales and the fact that i was not born around here and haven't a clue where XYZ street is - i have been playing around with Google maps.

You know the drill scan in the classifieds - cut and paste the address into a Google and and save the resultant map in my maps- print and take it along. The kewlest part is to send the location to the Garmin and then use it to find places.

The shortcoming of all this is the map itself - it is designed to be used online - i need a way to letter or number the markers on the map so i can see which marker goes with which address. i found this code - now i have to get the home computer online so i can use it from a Hot Spot - or find a "free" place on the web to host it. Any ideas?