Monday, July 20, 2009

Its beginning to sound a lot like christmas

Its half way though the year already and the Christmas lights project is just starting.

I got a couple of kits from through a group buy.

A couple of weeks ago the Lynx Express 16 channel showed up, and this week finally got the SSR4 kit(s).

I bought an old 4 channel scope (nessie) and then just this week got my first real Soldering iron a Weller WES51 - Amazon had the best price and I am a cheap.

I had gotten a couple of boards called a DMX dongle early in the year - but the 48$ price tag for the parts to populate the board has always stopped me, and with a bunch of Arduinos laying around i just thought that I could use one of those - they were microprocessors after all. The dongle just has a usb to RS232 module, a PIC chip and a very authoratative looking crystal oscillator module. I guess DMX has some pretty precise timing needs.

I did some googling and found these articles.
Ethernet DMX - that hooked an Ethernet shield and put out DMX.

Found a piece of code that appears almost everywhere - DMX Shield für Arduino.

On the Arduino Playground they have that looks promising.

I Just need the Arduino board to interface the USB to the 485 for dmx - There is pd software to drive the

Since I have an extra set of parts for a second SSR4 kit i will be stealing one of the 485 chips to drive the ssr4 and 16 channel LYNX for a while until i get enough parts together to make another order from mouser. has some a library on google code that does DMX with and Arduino

Wouldn't it be kewl to use Adafruit Wave shield and some extra code to sync some amimation code from the same SD card - and drive a smallish Christmas tree or display - Me thinks that this would overload things somewhat - but what the heck - i have all the parts, and lots of time to Investigate (waste) :-)