Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cat Planter

Just click the link - it is a definite smile :-)  Link

Arduino Ethernet and Pachube: remote sensors & web-control

Pachube: Someone has a great idea here.  Set up a website mashup of a lot of peoples remote sensor data. Can even control your arduino from their website, kewl.  They have a section with code dedicated to the Arduino.  It's in beta, and I have in an application.  Soon you too can see how cold it is down in my shop.

I'll have to hook up that sample temperature/humidity sensor I got a long time ago.

Embarassingly Easy Arduino ProtoShield

Stacking Arduino Shields

Hit me like a giant duh - stack in the CENTER to get out of the way of the shield connectors and stuff.

his look a little longer that the ones I got from Adafruit

you can get them from Adafruit for $2 a set or from Digikey for around 6$ if you are ordering from there and want to save a little postage...


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

BitBang Arduino Boot Burner

This looks very promising. A way to burn a bootloader (or any code I guess) into a blank mega168chip. using the BitBang mode of the USB chip and a slightly modified version of the AVR jtag program. I just HAVE to try this. [link]

Monday, December 8, 2008

Arduino Wiznet Webserver code

Yes Virginia, you can have a webserver in 14K of memory (that's K as in thousand not gig or meg)

I couldn't find any example code for making a web server with the Arduino 12 IDE - so I knuckled down and struggled through writing my own, and learned a LOT in the meantime. This example displays all the analog pin's values, and lets you set the Digital output pins on or off.  Its HTML web code so it is necessarily messy.  There are comments, such that they are, to try and shed some light on the process.

The Wiznet can deal with more than one connection,  so I had to make sure that any new page got what the current digital pins values. But had to sacrifice the ability to turn all the pins off.

HTML is a bite, and to truly do something that would be useful it would need a telnet connection so we could get some dedicated two way communication - and or a little AJAX code in the browser page to update things in real time.... That is for another day. 

If you change the code - make it more useful - do me a favor and drop me a line letting me know. I'll practice now heaping praise - ohhh awwww - fantastic!!!!

Hope its helps someone....
the code is here

Sunday, December 7, 2008

'duino ethernet - Thanks Limor!!!!

Got one of Lady Ada's Ethernet shield - Got the Wiznet module @ Saelig Company melted a little solder and downloaded some code from

Had to uninstall the 328 and put the 168 back in the Diecimila so I could use the new inbuilt Ethernet library in Arduino12. Pasted in a sample and had telnet echoing back at me ...

Later in a forum post at found some library code here that is supposed to work in Arduino 09 and 10 - more later - film at 11

Don't expect to come up for air until I have a web link to the little beast online and talking back to you...