Sunday, August 12, 2007

download tools

AutoUnpack - a program that tests all the downloads with quickpar then unpacks them deleting the rar and par2 files.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

My secure thumbdrive

Thumb drives are getting bigger and cheaper - corporate laptops are restricted as to the software that you can have on them - so I thought why not create a little set of applications that run solely from the thumb drive. Of course I had to do it in a secure way - these things are getting so small it is just a matter of time until I lose one.

It was easier that I imagined - popped over to and downloaded their suite of apps. (very impressive)

Stopped by and downloaded

downloaded the
enigmail extension for Thunderbird Also picked up Gnu Privacy Guard

I first used Truecrypt to create a large encrypted file to contain all the software - I allocated 75% of a 1gig thumb - figuring on leaving enough room to use the unencrypted part for sneakerneting.

Just for giggles in addition to the normal strong password I created a key file on the root and named it secret key file - why not? this stuff is supposed to be fun.

Then I installed the portable apps into the encrypted partition

Added enigmail to thunbderbird (its a plug in)
and installed its necessary GnuPG to handle the encryption.